Friday, December 27, 2013

The Poor Animals

I usually don't enter any petsmore outlet but I had to as I was accompanying a friend to buy rabbit's food then I came across the rabbits there which had been put on sale. On sale meaning, you expect the rabbits to be all nice and healthy. Answer is NO. Instead, it's far from it.

Considering, I already do not have good impression on any petsmore outlets due to the poor customer service, what's worse now. But, let's not touch about that. Previously, there were cases of how they mistreated the dogs there with bad condition and it's not fit to be put on sale. Yet, they still do. I was in the outlet in Tropicana, and when I saw these few rabbits, I was so overwhelmed with bitterness. I was literally exasperated with what I saw. As you can see from the picture, these few rabbits were placed in one corner, with sores and marks of injuries and skin conditions. The place where has been circled is not actually any of its fur, instead, it's a conspicuous injury. You may not see this on the picture, but if you see it, you will get really angry.

They do not care about the animals' welfare, whether it's dogs or rabbits. What matter for them is that they sell the animals with bad condition, regardless how much you pay for it. If you put them for a night or two, who knows what will happen to your pet. You can never trust them handling your beloved animals. I am confident that they will mishandle your dogs.

With all these kind of people around, how can we have faith in human race any longer? It's barbarians. For whatever they have done, it's already considered different forms of abuse. Their actions are really very sickening. I wish there are stricter laws that punish them with a much heavier fine and penalty because it makes no sense to be doing all these so openly.

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