Friday, January 3, 2014

Low maintenance guys

Okay, I've just read the 11 signs that your bf is low maintenance. Oh my gawd. I really know guys like that.

I feel that it really shows and the worst of all is when you wear the same damn shirt over and over again. You see the same shirt every single week. I see that as a turn off, like as if you do not have any other shirts? C'mon, a shirt is not exactly that expensive, right? It cannot be costing you hundreds for one shirt. It's fine if you are not into brands, or fashion, or shopping. But, I believe, when you need to shop, you just need to. You don't have to go to a shopping mall to shop. You can do it online. I know guys who are way too lazy to shop in a mall. They do everything online.

The other one is, not having a facial cleanser. Like, seriously? I can never accept this, no facial cleanser. Then, how the hell do you wash your face? Either they do not wash, or they use soap to wash. Saying things like it's just gay to be using. Let's see in the end of the day, whose skin is better? The ones who use facial cleanser vs the ones that use water/soap. Yeah, some individuals actually pass that kind of low derogatory remarks. That shows how narrow minded people can really be. People can tell.

At this time of the day, of this era and generation, you are just so far lacking behind, dude. Buck up. Nobody likes people like that. I know I don't. :D

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