Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Making Decision

I thought that my decision making was bad. I'm a Libran and being indecisive is one of the dominant traits that I possess. It's not something to be proud of, but it's so bad that I need to admit it uprightly.

Having said so, in recent years, I notice that this is something that others had too. You know it even more if you travel with that particular person. There are things that you should take charge, and not ask everything. This is especially if you are a guy, it hits even harder if you can't decide.

I know that you wanna show that you respect the other person by asking opinions. Sometimes, given the circumstances, it does not allow us to ask. Instead, time is gold, you need to decide there and then.

Many guys I've realized can't decide simple stuff. It's not just one of two, but there are just so many that it just gets on my nerves. Being a guy, not being able to decide, asking every single stuff, God, why are you even a guy? It's about taking charge, deciding, and take the necessary action. Sometimes, it just requires common sense and nothing else. You don't have to ask every single thing.

I know that I don't like someone who takes charge too much too. It seems that it is so difficult to please me. But the fact is, I'm not. It's really easy. Don't ask something that is obvious, don't ask something that don't need opinions. Certain things are not even difficult to decide, and they still can't. No wonder I've read so many stuff that chivalry is dying. Indeed.