Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saya udah pulang

After 8 days, I am finally home from the first travel in 2014.

Thinking that maybe 8 days was too long for a place like Lombok, but it's not. Have you forgotten that time flies? That's exactly how it happened. It flew by without realization and when we finally got up, we are already back here.

We practically did not do anything outrageous but we surely enjoyed ourselves there. Food was awesome. Though we felt like we were scammed, but everything was cool.

Gili Trawangan was an island just across Lombok and that was more of what I have expected, not so much of Lombok itself. Lombok was really dead.

The weather was really not in our favor as out of the 8 days, only 2 days were sunny. The other days were cloudy and raining all the way.

Again, when I go for holidays, it means, me, myself and I go to chill and go for a vacation. That really means I don't buy stuff for people. If you're lucky, you get. If you don't, then just assume you're unlucky. I can't spend too much time, money and energy on others that will probably not do the same if our roles are switched. Please understand if you don't get anything. Thank you. :D

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