Monday, February 17, 2014

2013 Busan Day 2 Part 2

I just can't believe it, that right until now, I am not completely recovered. Once again, like since when was I completely healthy. It was 3 years ago around June or July. I was healthy before that. When I fell sick on that day, I have never really recovered. It's so annoying to be coughing. Now, I need to clear my throat every now and then. Seriously, what went wrong?
The scenery is really breathtaking and the sound of it is so refreshing. I have always liked hearing the sound of the water.

 Ohhh the pigs!!

I have skipped quite many such as the Buddhist statues. People pray here too. In the Asian countries, I guess the ways we pray are similar to each other with 3 bows. In Korea, I supposed they have 2 types of bows, one is the half bow which usually people don't do, and the other one is the full bow. You need to kneel down, with your forehead touching the cushion in front of you with both your hands on the ground too. With the forehead still on the ground, you need to turn your palm facing up and raise above your ears. Get back to kneeling position, onto toes and up you go. You're done.

Next up to Haeundae Beach. See how wasted is this. They were all doing the setup for the event of the year. Busan International Film Festival. Missed by just a day. What a waste.

As I was walking at the streets, oh god, I found the English courses and right above it, plastic surgery. Haha.

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