Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Skanky Girl Walking Down The Street

I was watching ANTM on Sunday and I was horrified literally. I wasn't sure which season was I watching previously. It's either last season or the last 2 seasons and I don't remember it was this dramatic. The dramas, the tensions, my gawd, by watching it, I felt the stress. Man.

It's between the 2 neighboring countries. From a third party point of view, tho J is the so-called problematic one, I see N as one too. It's not about overly emotional or that kind of crap, it's just merely dramatic. Both equally has attitude problem. I'm neither a fan for any of them.

If this happen in my life, I will prefer to stay away and distance myself as far as I can. I have enough things happening in my life and I don't need all these crappy stuff surrounding me.

Recently, I got to see a woman 3-4 times a week. I do not know her personally, but as long as you are not visually impaired, you will be able to see the way she dresses is so skanky. The way she dresses is like going for a wedding or cocktail dinner with full make up on. The way she walks, gives out the impression that she thinks she's some sort of supermodel. To me, she is a big time failure in that. Please, people don't walk like that with that kind of darn face. If all she wants is attention, I guess she got it. It just not the kind of attention she wants I supposed. Honestly, she really looks damn hideous and disgusting. Oh, and the way she acts is like as if the whole world owes her. How about no? Nobody got time for that.

I can assure that after awhile now, she is just some insecure troubled female species. That is really unappealing and repulsive with an obnoxious attitude. Great combo. I don't know why nobody says it, that the way she dresses is really not swanky and in fact, it's superseded. Not sure if she realize it. That's very sad. :(

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