Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That Jealousy

I have been thinking lately due to the recent events that had been happening. I don't mean to be on anyone's side but, jealousy had been way over-used.

According to, jealousy is a resentment of someone's success, rivalry or advantages. So, if you are concluding that one's actions are due to the fact that the person is just being jealous, it's really very sad. It's just an immediate conclusion. How can you conclude one's behavior of being jealous when you don't even try thinking of other possibilities. I am no psychologist, but not all humans are just jealous.

Personally observing it, I really do not think that the said person is just being jealous. From the very beginning, I can tell it wasn't jealous but it's something else. I cannot point out what exactly but it's really something else. It could be that he or she is just annoyed with that other person. Why must it be always being jealous, right?

It sounds very cliché and it's definitely a very easy way out to have such conclusion. Sometimes, people do not have much thoughts of pulling your legs. It's not always related with jealousy. Why must it always be that way?

Therefore, am I wrong to say that you are also being jealous when the attention is not given to you? I am beginning to think it that way. I know for sure, it's going to be denied, but again, it's the same thing. You are just jealous then when you are not being given the attention you wanted. It's the exact same theory. It isn't fair for you to be concluding in such a way, but was it even fair for that other person in the first place?

When one is great at something, you may not be good at other things. Try accepting it maybe? Whatever you say, there comes an opinion "she is just jealous," "he is being jealous." Isn't that sickening to be hearing it over and over again?

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