Friday, February 28, 2014

Why She Does Not Reply?

A common issue that has always been raised, that people don't reply texts. Usually, that is always said by girls towards the guys who don't seem to reply their texts.

It's a common issue, guys are more visual creatures and girls are more social creatures. Hence, the reason why guys love to communicate in person, and the girls love to be hogged with their phones.

Of course, this is the common one. Then, you get the unusual ones. The opposite happens. The guys keep texting the girl but receive no reply.

Dude, you know what's the indication? The girl has no absolute interest in you, and this is particularly true when you are a creepy species. You don't text the same person every single day with the same kind of message. If you keep on texting, it will only chase her away. What's the point really?

Not every single person love having someone beside her, or having someone to call or text her all the time. This is serious, not everyone enjoys that kind of companionship. Personally, I feel that is rather suffocating, unless I really love your companion then it's a different story. Otherwise, it's an agony altogether.

If that person wants to text you or reply to you, you don't need to keep texting. A reply will arrive at your doorstep. But, the problem is, if you don't get any replies, you know where you stand. That most probably you have been acquaintance-zoned. It's always nice to have some mystery.

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