Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2013 Busan Day 3 Part 1

It's already Day 3. What Day 3 is? SHOPPING! I am not loaded, so I do not go to malls to shop. Instead, I have always loved street shopping. The feeling is just so right. The weather was the perfect day for that. It wasn't raining, it wasn't too hot. It was just nice for any outdoor activity.

Usually, there are streets along a University like in Seoul. In Busan, it's Pusan National University. Do not be confused with Busan National University of Education. It's 2 totally different places. If you to the latter one, it's isolated and dead, and there's no shopping there. You can maybe look to the sky and enjoy the breeze?

Tadaaa ... we have arrived at the place. The street of youth :D

That's the street, rows and rows, streets, and it's awesome. haha. You get good deals there

Of course, it's then lunch time that cannot be mixed. It's great to go for small eateries because they can never be that expensive.

Hello with the food. Haha.


lpj said...

Wow! You are so preteeeeee now ;)

Panda said...

LOL, was I not previously? :O

lpj said...

got la... now more so ***

lpj said...

got la...now more wor***

Panda said...

hahhaa thank you :P