Sunday, March 23, 2014

2013 Busan Day 4 Part 1

This was the day to bid goodbye to Busan, til we meet again someday.

This is 부산역 or Busan Station which was built back in 1908. This is how you get to other provinces in Korea, instead of taking a flight over, this is the other alternative. 55,700 won to Seoul in less than 3 hours. It's reasonable. We call it the KTX train. Oh btw, you  can actually do online reservations or phone reservations too for Korail members, 20 minutes before the train departs.

In the station, you will not die of hunger. Just like any other stations, there are convenience stores, there are eatery centers to get food, snacks or proper food, vending machines and stuff like that. Me and my food haha.

Tadaaa here I am waiting for the train to depart. I was there so darn early, not a single other soul was there yet. It took almost 3 hours to arrive in Seoul.

Then, there's me and my daily fix - the coffee. Haha. I like this can bottle. Just don't know why.

The train I was in. Comfortable and I have no problem sleeping, once again.

Goodbye Busan. The place with beaches.

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