Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 4 Part 2

As soon as I arrived with KTX in Seoul, there has been absolute nowhere else to go but the spa.

I can see that they do cater for a large Chinese market. It's shocking. It's not practical to be taking my big luggage to wherever I wanted to go. Therefore, there I go to the spa. If you watch Korean drama, you will know what is this. It's the public bath over in Korea, or it's called 찜질방 or jjimjilbang. You literally live inside there for the night, and you can't get out after that until checkout. There's no need for you to get out as they have everything inside. The food, the spa, the massage, the saunas, the hot tubs, the ice room with all different degree of temperatures.

See, you can lie like royalty

This is the ice room. You can feel winter here haha. I was practically jumping up and down from the ice.

There's beer even, anything you want. Open 24 hours.

Oh, this is how they do it in the drama. The sheep towel. haha. Massage chair too, pay as you get massaged. It's pretty good. haha.

When it gets deeper into the night, people sleep anywhere they want. It's scattered all over the place as long as there's a small spot for yourself. It's the floor, and don't you ever think it's warm. It was freezing, there's no blanket or anything. That was why sleeping on a hard floor, with no blanket, an experience for a night is more than enough. No pictures at the hot bath of course, everyone is obligated to strip. God. Lol.

Apparently, all these hot bath and sauna contains all the minerals. To enter and stay there is cheap. The ones that is making you spend your money, is the food, or some arcade games. Yup, they have it there too. haha.

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