Monday, March 31, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 5 Part 3

I don't know why, I just have to pay so much to travel this far, and torture myself. Just, why? I am so not a physical person, to be hiking up, climbing, unlimited walking. It's really isn't me. Fate had fallen upon me and made me hike this far up.

Just by the way, when the sun was already setting before I even arrive up there. Sad it is. It's already more than half way through there with my super heavy bag pack. With that, it became so hot. Thank God, it was already the evening. The best time to visit the tower is the evening anyway when the lights are lit up.

Since that I couldn't get there on time, this is the pic. Sunset half way through.

This is what I have been hiking up for. Namsan Tower! I prefer to call it as Namsan Tower, rather than what it's known now as, which is Seoul Tower.

There are so many tourists that come up here, included Korean celebrities and couples, and we have program such as We Get Married. This is a favorite place for that.

That's the love locks. It symbolizes their love for each other. Apart from these lovelocks, there are restaurants there too, and one of them is the revolving restaurant.

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