Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MH370,, Please Come Home

It had already made international news that the tragedy that hit MH370 is still surfacing in the headlines and investigation is still on-going. Assistance had been extended by our neighboring countries, Australia and also the US. It's really a mystery how something as big as an aircraft can go missing.

But, we just want everyone on-board to come home. Nothing else, but I hope for their safe return.

What irritates me is the people are sharing all kinds of links on FB without knowing the source of the information, and I did not know so many have become journalists and experts in the aviation industry overnight. What happened is really not a joke and it's not funny. Imagine what the family members are going through right now. The pain, the torture, without knowing what's going to happen, and they are face with all uncertainties.  I have been hiding more and more newsfeed because I just do not want to know their opinions, their comments and anything else they wanna say. They can condemn all they want because they are not the ones involved in the investigation. Don't you think if they have found something, do they not want to share it with people? If really you are that great, why not offer your help to assist? I'm sure by then, the plan will just appear with everyone safe home, since you people are such experts in the field, that maybe you are some kind of magicians even.

With this, I see all the inhumane species. Where has all the compassion gone to? Being all cold blooded, without any means of empathy within the human race anymore. I see insensitive remarks of "they deserve to die." The people that deserve to die is you people honestly, not the ones on board. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say.

When I heard the news, I was dumbfounded. I am still in shocked because it had affected me on a personal level. I really really do hope that they are all safe in a place and they will soon return home. All of them.

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