Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Privacy what?

I don't get all these people checking their SOs personal phone, whether it's their contact list, messages, pictures and etc.

They don't see it from the bigger picture. For them to be doing that, even if the guy/girl has no intention to cheat on them, with their unattractive behavior, they eventually do. They are the ones to be blamed on. Why feeling so insecure? We do understand if you have a bad experience in relationships, having being cheated on and stuff like that. But, it does not give you the right to check on stuff like that. Privacy, what? Are you crazy?

If there's no trust, why are you still together with that person? Why don't you just break up? Again, it's not an option, people can't live by themselves. They need to have a partner or else they will die. Literally. Oh god, what world do we live in?

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