Monday, March 24, 2014

To fall and fall harder

It's actually rather sad that women in general (typical) ones always find happiness, satisfaction and contentment when they get validation from others, particularly, the men.

They do stuff because they wanna impress the other gender. They wanna look pretty because they want that other gender to look at them, to get compliments and praises from them. Question is, why? Why do they need to do things as such to make themselves feel appreciated and wanted. Why do they need all these words just to validate who they are and how they feel about themselves.

Some fish for it. It's a sad truth to be honest. Why can't they feel good about themselves, without all those adulation? It's because they depend so much on all these stuff at the surface that it begin to affect their self-worth and pride. Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. It's three basic things.

When these people don't get these praises that they really yearn for it, they fall. Regardless of how strong they portray themselves to be at the surface, do not trust that because in the end, deep down, they are just another typical character. They try to do things otherwise so that people say they are holy great. Unfortunately, not everyone will do such things. They don't get adored like how they expected. Unfortunately, they get backfired. Once backfired, they gotta do what they had mentioned, to leave. With that, they fall even harder.

It's simple. If you wanna be praised that much, just ask for it maybe? It's awkward and it's weird, and sometimes it comes out so unnatural, but if you want every single soul to praise you there, girl, you must have some mental issues. It's still the best to rectify yourself, to not expect maybe?

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