Monday, March 3, 2014

When You're Lesser

Recently, there was an article circulating around on again a known Malaysian issue. When you somewhat look different from the normal look, people will start to wonder what is your ethnicity. What are you, where are you from. Are you more of this and less of that. Or having said your origins, you get comments that you don't look as such, instead more of something else. Irritating.

I am nowhere near a mixed blood, but I get pissed. I don't know why I can relate to it one way or another. Even when you have that normal look, and you do not meet certain criteria, and even more so you don't speak that language people expect you to, then they will ask all those dumb questions that will forever irritate the hell outta me.

People, you get it, Malaysia has 3 different major races here with also the existing of aborigines together with the foreigners here. Therefore, it's not a very rare sight to be seeing people with mixed parentage. Do not ask "WHY" on the very first meet. Please.

Then, there comes the language part. Expecting every other Chinese to speak Mandarin. Have you gone insane? When you don't speak it, all these pests will be then asking why not? You're this race, you should know, and you are humiliating the whole community. Just shut up, you have absolute no reason to criticize someone just because they do not meet your darn expectations to be as extreme as you. Furthermore, yes, ancestors are from there, but not that individual. I declare and it has all been recorded that I am a Malaysian, nothing less, nothing more. Hence, I am expected to speak English. I do not hold any responsibility to make the other country proud. I was not taught that. I'm sorry. Really, it cannot get worse than that. This is outrightly exasperating and they should learn what respect is, and apply it on their daily lives. To add more to that, they should leave others alone and learn to lead their own lives that revolves their own well being instead of others. Make the world a better place, geez.

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