Sunday, April 6, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 7 Part 1

Ahhh Day 7. Today's plan is a visit to the place where Spring festival is celebrated widely. But, the festival ended just the day before. So, no cycling. But, before that, Monkey told that there will be a huge fireworks festival happening there in the evening. Therefore, might want to reverse the plans.

Hello good morning. My breakfast. I miss the banana milk.

Went to Itaewon. Stopped by at this shop and I am surprised how many Malaysians had stopped by. If I don't tell that I am a Malaysian, people wouldn't know that too, do they? :P

Welcome to Itaewon or 이태원. Itaewon is like a foreign land in Korea. You get to see more foreigners than ever before in South Korea and they outnumber the locals there. Of course, when there are foreigners, the stuff there will not be inexpensive. Take Line 6 subway. Oh also, there's the red light district there. Just not exactly sure where is it located.

It's lunch time

You get to see this Convenience store CU. Previously, it was Family Mart. Nowadays, it has been replaced by this. For that whole 9 days, I probably saw only 1 Family Mart.

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