Friday, April 18, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 7 Part 3

As this event was so huge, there were hardly anywhere to walk or stand. Everyone's there for the same reason, to watch the fireworks. Many of them are of course, couples. Those without a gf/bf will probably stay home, just like my dear monkey friend. haha.

They kept shooting it up, and they do announce the country of it. But, I didn't hear any of those. I was too busy.
There's Korea, Japan, France and etc involved, not exactly sure what are the countries that participated

Thank God the weather was good. Oh and they do have maybe 10-15 mins of break in betweens.

I like this

It starts mild, and ends with a bang each time. There are way too many pictures that I cannot put all of them here. So basically it concludes the whole night I was there. Another issue was when I wanted to get back to the hostel. It was overwhelmed with people all around. Another sandwich time. Oh god.

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