Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cholesterol Level

Yesterday, I had a shock of my life.

It was way much higher than expected. My cholesterol level went sky rocket from last year. It was at the border line last year and when I checked as of 2014, it was categorized under high risk. SERIOUSLY?

So, I need to gain weight and reduce cholesterol? How can I possibly do that? I feel controlling food consumption is the most difficult thing to do in life.

Lean meat, welcome to me. Vegetables, fruits, oatmeals, barleys, hi. Goodbye fat meats (nooooooo..), egg yolk, alcohol, seafood (nooo!!). I feel like a Saint.

Omg?! What's the point of living by limiting your food intake into your body? It's the most suffocating thing, ever. Geez!

People, please take care of my heart.

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