Friday, April 4, 2014

Hanging out with boys

I was reading an article of the pros and cons hanging out with only guys.

It's not a bad thing to be hanging out with guys only, in fact I really truly do enjoy their companions. It's a fact a very much more at the surface level. But, then again, these days are not anymore like that. If you're one on one with them, the conversations can go to quite in-dept too.

See, you can hang out with them, discuss about sports, your problems and you won't be judged. They will probably insult you. Just that.

Come to think about it, just the other day, I was reflecting on the girls I hang out with. The ones that I am close with have certain similarities.  All of them grew up with boys, or guys. The one surrounded with girls, and all girls, have some kind of dysfunctional in them. I can't point out exactly what, but there are. Of course, it's not all. It's just the ones that I know are being in that kind of malfunction state.

I will prefer to hang out with either guys or girls that act as such. The way they see things are different. First and foremost, you don't have to worry to offend them and being overly sensitive about it. Otherwise, you need to watch your words carefully. Initially, of course it's fine, but at a later stage, you will find yourself burdened by it. Me and princess-y people are not friends. Therefore, having a princess friend is reallyyyy overbearing. Why stress yourself out, right? They can be very inconsiderate and they really don't consider about a lot of things and are very demanding. Sounds scary. No doubt, they are. haha. Again, the ones I know only. When patience run dry, you get agitated with them. From their appearance and attitude, you can never tell if they are one of the typical ones. At times, it doesn't show. If you think just because someone is loud is unfeminine, you are just wrong. It shows in situations they are caught in. It really does. I have seen them unfold the inner them. The truth will eventually reveal. Weeee~


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thank you for the insights about girls, panda :)

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