Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Health Reason

Since I was hit by the high level of cholesterol, and the minor sick I had last week, I began to cut down on stuff that doesn't do good to my body.

I am cutting down on my coffee a lot. It has been 6 days I have stopped coffee. It's something rather shocking that I have decided to take a step as huge as that. I am someone who cannot live without coffee. The first day was really torturing. I failed miserably. I started the next day, until now.

I am also trying to cut down on my 100 plus which I take it almost every other day. It's not as difficult as coffee.

Apart from all these, I am trying to do more stretching. Not vigorous ones, but just normal stretching.

It has also been 3 days now that I did not take any solid food for lunch. The effect you ask? It's awesome because I don't feel sleepy after lunch anymore. It really works! But then, I feel this is going to be only temporary.

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lpj said...

Keep away coffee hor.. Drink chinese tea. Running is good to clear mind and clean your system. LOL 100plus everyday? Only for dehydration purpose le.. Must sweat out everyday for good health :) Sex is good too :D