Friday, April 11, 2014

Renew Passport

I have finally done my passport yesterday. Weee~ It will be with me for the next 5 years.

The process was quite fast despite using the counter. I have no idea where the kiosk is. I went to the Hartamas branch. It's very near to Publika. If you are coming whereby Publika is on your left, just turn right at the trafiic lights and it will be the grey building on your left.

Find a parking spot. Go in the building and it is on the first floor. There are no pictures required beforehand. In the immigration, get your picture taken at the place itself, before taking your number. They will not give you the number if there are no pictures. After your picture is taken, they will give you a green card to be given to the guy who gives out the number.

Wait for your turn, it won't be long. Tadaa your turn. No form is needed, just be there with your IC and old passport. The person at the counter will print out all your details and ensure everything is accurate and tell the person if you want it for 3 or 5 years. Money is not needed at this point of time. Then they will return you the ticket number, wait for it to be called.

Get your money ready, wait for your turn to be called to make the payment. After making payment, they will tell you how long do they need to get your passport ready. The lady told me, be back in 1 hour and the passport is ready for collection.

At the meantime, you can go loitering around and there's a cafe at G floor. Everything looks oily and not to my taste bud.  It may be acceptable to some, but I cannot swallow it. Urgh. 1 hour later, with the form given by person earlier, you need not get another number. Instead, proceed to the one row of counters on the left called "serahan." Give the form, collect it, walk out from the place and jump.

All within 2 hours. Weeeeeeeee~

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