Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Other Woman

Ah, so the other day I went to watch this movie, The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz. There's Nicki Minaj there too, but it's just a small part of it. Omg, it's just too vulgar to even look at her.

This is a very light movie, good for me. I don't like movies that make me think. I love straight forward movies.

It's about 3 women whom a man had cheated on at the same time. Against all odds, 3 of them became friends and decided to pay a sweet revenge. It's just a movie of course. How often do you see things like that happen. I am not discounting that this for sure will not happen in our daily life. It is still possible but the percentage of this happening, is really rather low.

I love comedies. Therefore, I automatically love this.:D


Charles said...

It's was a great movie, the ending of the guy running into the glass walls... Too funny!

Panda said...

Haha and he was bleeding!