Monday, June 30, 2014


Compliments is a very positive energy, that we have something nice to say about people, that shows admiration to a certain extent, or it just to show that you appreciate whatever you're seeing. It makes the other person feel good, it boosts your morale. Everything's good about compliments.

So there comes the Asian way of accepting compliments. People don't really know how to respond or react to it. It's just as simple as "thank you." Rather, I see people around saying the Malaysian way "got meh?," "no lah," "where got" or anything equivalent. It  really means, don't lie, no, and I don't think so. That's how it translates as. Not literally, but somehow.

I have to think it's an Asian way whenever I observe. I am not sure which part of Asian. I will guess that it's the Chinese Asian part. I read a book before, A Foreign Babe in Shanghai, and apparently, that's how people are too. It's not right to accept it in open hands. It will be considered as being snobbish and arrogant.

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