Monday, June 16, 2014

FoodPanda Saved Me! Bonn Appetite!

Just the other day, I was supposed to have dinner with someone. The someone left me alone at home, and I was not able to wait til 11 PM. Therefore, it's best that I get my own dinner. It happens. It's Friday night and I am supposed to work the next day. So, no late nights. Sad.

Anyway, I have seen this delivery company countless times as suggested post in Facebook and I've no idea what that is until I clicked on the link. I thought it was like Berjaya group whereby they have Kenny Rogers, Starbucks and etc under them. I was wrong. So wrong. Pardon my ignorance.

I didn't know they have this here! So I love the name of it, FoodPanda, my god, awesome name. It's a delivery company whereby you place the order with them, and they will collect your food from the restaurant and send it over to you.

It's pretty straightforward. I like how the website works. You just register with them, like of course right, and you type in your area. Enter your location, and all the available restaurants will appear. Ensure you type in the correct area of course. Don't type TTDI when you are in Mont Kiara. If the food fails to be delivered, then it's your own mistake altogether.

Restaurants that appeared, they have what is the estimated delivery timeframe, how much is the minimum order, halal or non-halal and stuff like that. Place your order, follow the instructions, tadaaa you are almost done.

The coverage in Kepong isn't expanded yet. My place only has Papa John's. I actually asked the CS how does the voucher work. Okay, they may need to train their CS more as I was told they do not have any services in Kepong at all when I can find Papa John's. If you have vouchers, just enter the code provided and if you do not see the option there, it means the vouchers cannot be redeemed for those restaurants. Well, that's how most companies works, like eBay too.

After getting all those done, SMS will be sent to your mobile to confirm your order. Now, just wait for your food to arrive. PaPa John's was good, the guy actually called to ensure that I get my food. He even called to tell me to expect a little delay in the delivery, which is totally awesome. I love it when I am being informed, unlike many places whereby they don't even bother as long as they send it out from their restaurants.

Here comes my food, yay!! Bonn appetite!!    

As embarassing as it may sound, I have not eaten PaPa John's in my life, not even once though they have been around for so long now. I wanted once, but when I walked in, nobody served me when I sat there for 15 minutes. That was bad. This time I got to eat. I must say that the Hawaiian Chicken I ordered was really good! It's definitely better than the classical pizza I ate while I grew up. It has standard :D Oh I ordered some drinks too and it's still in my fridge now :P

Now that I just checked Foodpanda site, there are so many deals now, why!!! Courtesy of the World Cup we have. World Cup Deals only if I knew it earlier. It's okay, there's always the next order and I foresee, soon!

It's definitely a choice to look into when you are always stranded without food, like me. Mehh.


Charles said...

I wish they had food panda here. It sounds awesome, Papa John's pizza is pretty much the best you can get as well. Here or anywhere else.

Panda said...

Yea? It was good, I love the pizza. Yup it's an awesome name foodpanda haha