Monday, June 2, 2014

Lombok Day 2 Part 1

Oh. The hotel provided us breakfast everyday. You think, how bad can breakfast be, right? Continental breakfast. Do not underestimate. It was horrible. The bread, eggs, and everything else was really bad. Well, that was all they served anyway.

The driver picked us up and we told him that we wanted to have bakso.

He took us here, rumah makan is what they call it. Literally translated as house eat, which means, restaurant in proper term. We wanted bakso, and they do not have any bakso here. We were just scammed. Dammit.

It's the time for beach. Kuta beach. The famous beach in Bali is called Kuta too, and it was nice, and beautiful. Not this. It was dirty, the sand was rough you can hardly walk without feeling pain at the bottom of your feet. The weather on that day was perfect. Sunny.

Since we have traveled this far from the hotel in Senggigi, maybe, it's great that we chill out a little while before moving places.

Before moving, it's the perfect idea to have lunch first. There were a few cafes and restaurants along the beach. It isn't a typical place like what you get in Krabi or Bali where restaurants are clean, crowded and awesome. It's not a tourisy place at all, the restaurants are practically dead, nobody is there, and you get the same person having you seated, take the orders, cook, collect for the bill and say goodbye to you. It's a one man show here and that means it's a long long wait for everything. You just have to be patient. Really patient.

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