Friday, June 6, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 1

It's Day 3. The same company had picked us up and they were a little late. But, this time is a different guy. I honestly prefer this guy more than the one before this. At least, they changed the car, this time with air cond and it's more comfortable! When it involves a long drive, that's all you really need.

We planned to go up to the waterfall today. On the way up, we had a few of stops for pictures. Beautiful scenery :D As you can tell, the wind was so strong I love when it when it blows, it goes down your spine.

Second pitstop. Omg, this is so damn nice I love it!

Oh we stopped by at a market too! A traditional market it is. It's so narrow. This shows how long I have not been to a market. But again, compared to our local market, this is much more narrow. And there they go guessing we are from Japan or Korea. Jepang sounds so familiar. Galih used to say that to me haha. Are there that many tourists from there? Hmm.

In Lombok, you can see the horse carriages everywhere. It's a means of transportation here. Having said that, this is pure slavery of the horses. I certainly do not agree of taking this. Just for the human greed of monetary benefits, the horses are made into slaves. How cruel can people be? Oh, not to forget, this issue was brought up for New York city once. I've heard that they had planned to ban it. Not sure if that had taken place or are there any arguments.

This is apparently very normal. I see this everywhere I go.

The weather today looked cloudy. It's just a matter of time before it rains. Cloud was above our head. Oh no!

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