Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 2

From the last entry, we then arrived at the waterfall. The day before it, we actually went into Trip Advisor and such to check on how the place was rated. It was great. People had been rating it as very great, and breathtaking view. It must be great right?

Before going up, we have to recharge first. Food time! It was raining so it's nice that we have something soupy, something hot to warm up our bodies.

This is the layout of all 3 waterfalls.

All ready for Sendang Gile waterfall. We went with umbrealla :O What a name you think right? Me too

Sadly, due to the bad weather, we only managed one waterfall which was 15 minutes walk. The second waterfall takes 45 minutes from the first one and it is not advisable to do it during a rainy day as it's risky and dangerous in case anyone slip and fall. We do not want anything to happen on a holiday.

After 1.5 hours drive from Senggigi, this was what we got. Omg. Our KL's watefalls are better. haha. I will not do this again. It wasn't near great or amazing at all. Maybe, the greatness comes at the third waterfall, I'm not sure. But, if based on the first one, it really wasn't.


Charles said...

The soup looks good. Maybe the reviews are from people that have never seen a waterfall before but those are very little.

Panda said...

I know right! It's such a sad waterfall. I travelled 1.5 hours for that lolz.