Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lombok Day 4 Part 1

Yes, it's Day 4. We are already half way through. We have decided to sleep in that day, well not sleep in per se, it was just a little bit longer than the previous few days. It was a free and easy day, without any itinerary on it. It's all about walking, shopping, seeing, and eating.

The weather did not look too good that day. It was on and off shine and rain. When it rained, we needed to find a shed. So yes, we stopped by at the nearest restaurant when it rained. The Bayview Restaurant. For the first time, I look so short. Haha.

Oh my brown brown skin here haha

It was tea time, we had green curry and pizza. Just a pit stop, not too much.

We then bought post cards and sent it to each other back home. Hehe. It was quite fast, got it like 10 days after it was posted? Not too bad.

What do you call a meal after tea time and before dinner? Post tea time? Or pre-dinner?We had kebab just before dinner haha.

Sometimes, it's not that we wanted to eat so much. Rather, it kept raining. haha. Anyway, what's travelling without food? Pit stops for food are awesome.

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