Saturday, June 7, 2014

Realistic Expectations

I read an article. A statement made by a female, and what she had mentioned in the article is so right.

What the girls say"

"My boyfriend better buy me this."
"My boyfriend better not talk to other girls."
"My boyfriend better not ditch me for his boys."

The answers to these statements?

"You can buy yourself whatever you want. Your boyfriend is not your bank account."
"He's with you for a reason. If he wanted them, he would be with them."
"His boys are his boys. If you screw up, they are going to be there for him. Stop being inconsiderate."

Your boyfriend is there to enhance your life, not pay for all your wants, be your servant and be miserable in the process

Yes, so there you go. You can buy anything that you want. But, these people are strange creatures. Some are actually loaded but they want the guys to buy them everything. Why? They like receiving gifts.

Apart from being strange, they are psychotic too. I know many, within my circle and outside, that these people go berserk when they know that their bfs are out with girls. Some guys tend to have more female friends and if the gfs happen to be some mental case, it's a drama to be watched. I know a girl, whose once a time bf had many many female friends. There's the you better come now, if you don't I will commit suicide and all those stuff that you think you only see that on tv. No, it happens in life. Oh and it's funny because these girls can have 82% guy friends, but when it comes to their bfs, it's not allowed?

Then, there are days where there will be boys night out, just like the ladies night. But, again, as sad as this sound, these psychotic girls want their bfs to dedicate their entire body, mind and soul to them. My god! If the guys act this way, and I am sure there are, are as psychotic. I actually pity these girls sitting at one corner looking all bored when the boys are enjoying his football in particular! HAHA! True story.

How true was that. They should have a realistic expectations.


Charles said...

Now just if more women thought like you do

Panda said...

Haha. I can't withstand them myself trust me