Monday, July 7, 2014

Being Submissive

Those days, women are expected to be submissive. Then, they are seen as being attractive. But, time has changed. Being submissive in general does not look and appear charming anymore. At least, in general. There are some who will still prefer girls like that. I am not discounting that idea.

Of course, it's preference. We have the media to promote independent girls, we have friends, or at least many more are being self-dependent and not submissive anymore compared to those days.

With all that happening, there are certain expectations. Maybe, it's them overthinking. There are girls who are very submissive, who are very dependent emotionally on others, but they do not want to admit as they want to be accepted, they want to be part of the group, they do not want to be different from the others.

Look, it's okay to be submissive, it's okay to admit you are sensitive and emotional, we all have our times. Even the most positive person will have their down times. But, it's not okay to pretend you are very strong willed, and deep down, you are suffering from validation and acceptance from others. In the end, you are going to suffocate yourself. People are not going to judge you just because you are emotional. We have different kind of people in the world. So yes, we have emotional people in the world too. It's really not wrong to be that. You don't have to lie to others, you don't have to lie to yourself. Just be truthful, be who you are and you will realize that you will be much happier that way.

Regardless of what you are, if people will wanna judge, no matter how perfect you are, people are still going to judge. It's pointless trying to hide your flaws for people as such. 

There's no definite saying that being submissive is good or bad. It's just a matter of perspective. There are people who will appreciate that.

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