Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joint Account

I heard the other day over the radio in the morning. Should we have joint accounts?

I got to know someone who wanted to have a joint account. I understand that joint accounts are actually only practical when you are related, officially. Not when you are currently dating. That's the worst ever thing you can do. To have a joint account when you are dating. Regardless if you have been dating for 5 years, or 3 years, or even 1 month, joint account is a big no-no. Breaking up is part of life. haha.

In particular, people frequently say, a figure is just a number. I disagree. If you have been dating 1 month, that is serious. You wouldn't want to be trusting this person, you wouldn't want to be putting all your life and your money with this person just yet until at least you know that person better. Not just blindly be and agree with everything.

You can't just trust anyone. He may be your bf, she may be your gf, but a trust is not something you should be giving 100% in the first month. Even married couples can do the unthinkable, what more if it's just a month of going out. Horrendous idea. Someone who can come up with that idea, are you really out of your mind? Oh Lord.


Charles said...

I agree, joint accounts are crazy! Unless you are married of family, just don't do it.

Panda said...

yeah mad people do that. I know a mad person unfortunately :P