Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lombok Day 5 Part 1

The day has arrived. We were going to leave Senggigi and say hello to Gili Trawangan. We actually asked the guy to arrange for a transport to the jetty and we will then take a ferry over to the island. Who knows, the ferry took off only once that day due to bad weather condition, they are not going to go another time.

Our last breakfast in Bumi Aditya. Our saddest breakfast. I should not be showing, it really looks miserable.

Let's strangle the deer

One thing about Lombok. The juice there is really that thick. It may not have projected in this picture. It doesn't really do justice. But, it's reallyy very fresh and thick, that you can't get it here in KL. It's so thick that you may have difficulty drinking it from the straw. I faced some challenges.

While on the way walking around Senggigi before Elaine arrived at about 2

This is the place we were dropped off to go over to Gili Trawangan. We were scammed by the driver, telling us that it's just 40,000 rupiah. It turns out that it costs 900,000 rupiah for the speedboat. They went 700,000 the lowest. They know we don't have a choice, take it or leave it. Look at the bright side, we can go and leave whenever we want to. So that's fine I guess.

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