Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lombok Day 5 Part 2

This is the part we were looking forward to so badly after a not so nice experience in the main Lombok. The speedboat from Lombok only took us about 20 minutes. Upon reaching, it's a like as if we went to a complete new place altogether. Ahh this is so refreshing and I had a feeling that it was gonna be an amazing vacation here.

The whole island is very small, just 3KM long and 2KM wide. There are no motor vehicles found in the island. You can rent a bike, either daily rate or hourly basis. You don't have to rent, you can just walk. Tourists sometimes opt for cidomo to travel around too. It's the horse-drawn carriage, which I strongly disagree. Poor horses.

We booked at Ko-ko-mo. It's a very cozy and expensive villa. Time for us to sit back and relax, instead of going out and wasting the money on the villa. We have to utilize this, every minute that we can. It means, to live like queens :P We booked through Agoda and they had really good rate then, which means, no cancellation policy and if unsure, you better not book it.

Omg the moment we opened the door, what an enticing place it is. It's far more better than expected. Looks so comfortable, so homely, so awesome and everything was just amazing.

That's our room. I had a very good sleep, until the point I did not even want to get up haha

That's the private pool. Every villa has a pool in it. Us and our welcome drink haha. Damn good. Whenever you wanna soak, please do. Literally, that was what we did. In and out of the pool.

After that, it was the food time!! All kinds of food. It's more towards the Western food there.

You know, how touristy place is famous for its mushrooms? You can get it here haha. Packets of mushies. So if you want, you just have to go get it, and bear the consequences if you have it too much.

Oh after dinner, we went to the most happening place on the island called Tir Na Nog, an irish bar. It's a very open concept whereby there are no doors, just people drinking and dancing the night away and every passerby can see. If you wanna go, go on a Wednesday night as they party til 4AM and apparently that's a local enforcement, only once a week. Music mixed by both international and local DJs. Unfortunately, I fell sick even more after being 1 hour there as I could not inhale anymore smoke. Coughing non stop is no fun.

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