Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lombok Day 6 Part 1

Oh god! How time flies. It was already Day 6. We woke up on a very beautiful morning. It wasn't too hot, it wasn't raining neither. Ah, it was windy too. What can you ask more? Waking up in a perfect villa, with such a great view having breakfast with the best people you can ask for. Damn. Life was just perfect.

That was where we had breakfast. They have the outdoor patio too. :D Absolutely eccentric and sophisticated.

The menu for breakfast looks so scrumptious. It can be dine in or room service. With such an amazing view, why have it in room, right?

There comes the food. This is so exquisite. I have not gotten anything better than this before. This fits in for 2 meals. The food in Ko-ko-mo is managed by a well-known Australian chef. Omg. It was awesome, and so heavenly. Sins aside please.

Then, we soak again. First time for the day. haha. Enjoy the jacuzzi.

Have some relaxation. In and out the pool again. That's a way of life. Utilizing and enjoying as much as we can as chances like this don't happen everytime. This is what I call a real vacation. We are really being spoilt there. hehe.

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