Friday, July 18, 2014

Lombok Day 7 & 8

Omg, did 8 days just passed like that? This is already Day 7&8 and off we went back to KL, back to reality. There's always a post holiday blues each time we are out of the country for holidays. Regardless, but you feel it more if you're out of the country. I know I felt it really badly, til the point I fell really sick and I needed to MC 2 days, and it was then Chinese New Year. What a luck I had.

It's time to go home. Goodbye Gili Trawangan

Yup, the speedboat came to us 15 minutes after we called them

Yeah, there's even Harry Potter here in this hotel haha. We stayed here in Praya and the main reason was because it's located very nearby to the airport.

That's what I bought back home. Everything was so cheap. Hair mask, scrub, toothbrush and etc. We bought all. So, we literally did our shopping inside a mart which is just like the size of a 7 Eleven. haha, how cool is that.

Our last picture while still breathing in the air of Lombok.


Charles said...

I love the picture of the pier, it looks like it has seen everything and well traveled.

Panda said...

yeah I love that too :D hehe