Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pangkor Day 2

Yup, so the second night was obviously nicer. It was a proper hotel. Now I remember. I believe this was the place I wanted to do my training when I was 19! Previously, it was the Pan Pacific Hotel, and they have changed the name to Pangkor Island Beach Resort now.

Yeah they have animals lurking around the resort. One of them is the peacock.

Breakfast time overlooking the beautiful beach

The reason why it's called the hornbill resaurant as there are hornbills visiting us, the guests.

After breakie, it was time to have a little swim at the beach hehe. How can you not go to the beach when you're there in Pangkor, right? I might as well stay in KL and not go anywhere.

Then, there's the swimming pool. Very cozy looking one they have there.

Finally, it's time to check out. You can't drive into this resort. You can only walk in. The resort isn't small, so ... happy walking. haha.

It was definitely a fabulous stay. I just think that I have really gone at the wrong time when you see no sun nor rain. You see haze, haze and more haze. You breathe it all inside your lungs.


Charles said...

Looks like a great place! I'll put it on my list of vacation locations.

Panda said...

There are many great places here and very affordable for your currency haha