Sunday, July 20, 2014

The first gel manicure

Finally, I went to his place called BeeQNails Salon. It was recommended by Dede when she went to do her nails few weeks back. I had a hard time choosing which design I wanted. Honestly, this was the first time I did a gel manicure. So, I had to ensure I go for a good one, instead of the ones you find at a mall which you're unsure if they are good. Yeah, all the designs were all so pretty and beautiful. I was in a huge dilemma!

I have done countless manicures over the years. But, this is the first time I did a gel one, and with designs. Totally awesome and loving it.

The color is so radiant. Instead of the normal air dry, there's something called LED. Omg, I feel so countryside.

It takes longer than the normal ones of course. The people are so friendly, so professional and so skillful. You feel so at home. I love the whole ambiance there too. I will definitely be back.

It may not be the normal 35 ringgit manicure, but, for a slightly higher price, it's worth every single extra you fork out. For sure, I guarantee that. The result? Gorgeous! If you have Instagram, just hashtag them and you get a little discount. Nice! Oh did I mention to remove the gel manicure, it's actually complimentary? :D

I have been admiring my own nails since :P


Charles said...

They look really nice! Love the color but you already know that, hahaha. Quality job and you enjoyed yourself, I would say they're great.

Panda said...

yesh it's amazing. I love it.