Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brighton Part 1

It wasn't a day with beautiful weather to visit Brighton, located at Sussex. It's not long of a drive away from Lewes. But, the fact that it was raining, oh my god. The wind was strong, it was raining, so it makes it go down your spine. We walked a lil and took a bus, so imagine the obstacles we had to go through.

This is the Royal Pavillion. It's a former royal residence. It played host to one of the very first few legal same sex marriage here!

That's just a park

I'm sure even in pictures, one can tell how bad the weather was that day. Umbrellas don't help on days like this.

Finally, we have arrived at Brighton Pier. It was so gloomy and wet. Not your ideal weather to be out from a building.

I have just showered. Thank you to the rain.

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