Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RIP Robin Williams 1951-2014

It was such a sad day waking up from this news, that the comedian Robin Williams had passed away. It wasn't due to old age, instead, he committed suicide. He's not even old, just 63.

He brought laughter and joy to billions around the world and yet deep down, he could not make one person happy, himself, for, he was suffering from depression. Why is it always like that? The evil ones live happily til the end, and the kind hearted ones had to suffer from all these pain.

The mental health of someone is way much more major than physical health, and this is an issue that had always been ignored and it's really very scary. If it's not being addressed, it ends up fatal.

Rest In Peace, be at a better place, free from all this suffering you have to endure here.


Charles said...

It really was sad to hear when this happened. Hopefully he can finally become happy after bring joy to so many here.

Panda said...

Indeed, it's a tragic news. How can this happen to someone that brought laughter to so many people out there! It was such a devastating news. Sad, it's just sad. RIP Robin. Be happy and free over there.