Monday, October 13, 2014


Every now and then, we get stars touring around the world to perform in concerts and etc. There are things, as an artist, should or should not do.

If you want people to keep on supporting you, you should be genuine when performing. Not because you perform at a different region, there's no reason to act otherwise.

Just because you have been famous for whatever reason, your fans would want to see you perform at your best. Not "just another concert, the return is not much, so I will just do what I need to."

Punctuality is very important. If you are not punctual and is bad in your timing, being all diva-ish, you have probably lost all 10 points together. I don't get it, why must you be late when the other artists I have attended personally can be on time, right on the dot.

Then, you get the insincerity while performing. Like, humans are social creatures. They can tell whether you really want to perform or you're there just because you're there. When your fans, the people that had been supporting you ask for encore, it isn't a request anymore. It's something people expect from you. It's just another few miserable minutes. Gosh.

The closing of a concert is as important, to formally say goodbye and thank them for the support. Nobody is going to be happy if you leave without a proper goodbye.

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