Thursday, October 23, 2014

Basic Manners

I have been living here since the day I was born. That's 3 long decades and to see the people that we have to deal with in a daily basis is so devastating. Literally.

It's all these people that I see, that I need to cross path with, that I need to encounter, and witness that made me lost hope in humanity altogether.

It isn't just one, two, or three, but whole lot of them. Each time, it comes out very naturally to try to be nice to people, but they just don't appreciate. Instead, I just don't know how they were brought up that they become so freaking rude, and they don't even know what basic manners is. Weren't they taught how is it to have human etiquette? I'm 101% sure that they don't after countless attempts of trying to convince myself that kindness still exist in this world, or rather specifically, this country.

We used to be known for our warm hospitality and now, right now, we have lost all of that. People become crude, become evil, that they do not have any more human conscious in them. It doesn't make them humans anymore. In fact, there's no difference with animals, or rather I should say, they are worse than animals now. Anytime. I'm just shocked.

I can't be blamed to not have faith, but all these people had been putting it down.

I have been having this issue all my life. Nevertheless, I am trying to change. It's something I have to freaking deal it in a daily basis.

Scenario 1:
Me: *holds the lift for people*
Them: *walks in like some big bosses and it's my responsibility to hold it for them & in return they stare at me or just ignore me completely*
Me: *I feel like closing on them and murder them there and then, only if I have the power to do so just with my eyes*

Just 2 words, thank you. Is that something too much to do? It's a THANK YOU for God's sake. Okay, a shorter version, THANKS! Like hello, don't you know all these? I'll forgive you if you're dumb. Now onwards, I will pretend like I am going to open for them, but in fact close it. I have to remind myself to do that but each time, I still end up holding it open. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Scenario 2:
Me: *walk at my normal pace*
Them: *knock into me and stare like I knock into them*
Me: Excuse me. Thank you.

This time, it's just one word. Here, we should use, sorry. I'll forgive you even if you say excuse me. That's how the French says it. Or pardon, whichever that acknowledge you are in the wrong and it's our human nature to apologize. C'mon!

Scenario 3:
Friend A: *standing near the up/down button*
Me: *talking to Friend A*
Them: *ran and pushed Friend A to press on the down button even though both had been pressed*
Me:  Did I just see that happen?
Them: *pretend nothing*
Me: *I feel like bitch slapping that dumb ass* brainless piece of shit.

Yes, that really happened, upon my eyes. I don't know if she does not have a brain. Really, please help the human race and kill yourselves - meaning that idiot and all those that only pollute the world. If you can't contribute, then just do this for the sake of this world.

I've been cursing and swearing more and more each passing day. If I bottle everything up, I'll go mad one day. For the sake of the people around me, for the sake of myself, I will still prefer to remain sane.

As a conclusion, it's now filled with uneducated and uncivilized barbarians. I am sure many will agree with this, that the problematic ones come from people born after a certain year. The probability of you meeting someone that is problematic in that range is so high in comparison with the ones born before that. It's a hypothesis but my study had shown that it's not surprisingly accurate as ever. You can disagree, but the truth remains. The fact that there are problematic disgusting people outside from that range too, but the ratio is not as high.

MJ was right all along.

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