Thursday, October 30, 2014


The world is a scary place and everything is just so sick. This had been happening for ages now, and it's just shocking to know how people will turn into these stuff to get things go their ways.

I'm hearing the existence of bomoh, or rather shaman. Their beliefs and practices are involved with spirits and the victims usually don't act the way they usually are, instead they act like as if they are someone else. Originally, this was used to cure patients who are sick. After such a long time, of course people tend to misuse it and now, when we just say this word, people get freaked out. It's that hazardous to the victims and the family members.

Obviously, this is done by someone very evil who is unable to get their things their ways, they turn to this way to get it done.

Some cases are beyond stupid. Bomohs are some bunch of scammers. They claim they are the real bomohs, and in order for them to give what their "patients" need or want, in particular to get husbands for these girls, they lied to these girls that they will first need to strip and do whatever not with them. That is called rape. Why do you ever need these people to find a husband for you? It's so common yet so many people are still falling prey into these people.

I just don't get the whole idea. Dogs, can actually see these people who had seek bomoh for help. Or they themselves are those species. If the dogs react very differently from the normal beings, that's a sign.

If something is not yours, or someone is not meant for you, it's just not meant to be. Even hell will not be able to accept you. The more I know, the more I just wanna stay home and not meet humans.

Women are insane. These bunch, in particular.

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