Sunday, November 30, 2014

UK: London Day 2 Part 3 & Day 3

We continued our journey, this was our last stop before headed back to Morden. The Millenium Pier. It's where the river cruise is.

That's where we were going.

Ohh the clouds! Very nice windy afternoon. Tho it was a bit hot, the wind helped. Enjoyed the sights the cruise took us through.

Then, it's dinner time of course! Each time, we are fed with super delicious food! What more can one ask.

The next day, met with Tomoko!  Never have thought, right? But yeah, the time was just right. She left KL, and then, here we are! What a nice view with a glass of beer.

Let's reunite again. I'm sure there will be another time.

Lion King! It was awesome. The whole production was spectacular. After this day, it will be start of our Europe trip.

Date: May 12th & 13th
Things/Places: River cruise, London Eye, Leicester Square

Too Supportive

There are so many types of friends that exist. But, one type of friend caught my attention. That is, the friend that support you through everything. Sounds like that friend you wanna have, that ideal friend. But, maybe, that isn't the best of friend.

Of course, in comparison to a friend that goes missing and comes whenever h/she likes based on his or her own comfort, this is better. How good it is based on your own judgement.

There's a this type of friend that goes all gung-ho no matter what you do. They support you through your darkest moment to your brightest moment. No doubt, this is a really good type of friend. Except, you will not know if what you are doing seems logic and right. Even if you do something wrong, something against one's conscious, h/she will stand by your side.

If your friend tells you that she is constantly checking the bf's phone, stalking his FB, questioning why did the bf add a girl on FB who is a colleague, doing things that I'll label as the mad woman category, as a friend, what will you do? Do you support whatever your friend is doing? Obviously not, right? But, this category of friend will support you, and you end up thinking that what you do is right, and that he should not be adding the girl on FB and you will continue being crazy and mental. It's damaging and unhealthy in particular, long term.

One should not support your friend doing things as such. Otherwise, we end up having a damaged community. It's not like the community we have now is any healthy. But, things will deteriorate and can only get worse. So, please. Don't get mental together with your friend, instead, help them. Those who check on their bf/gf's phone, need help, badly. Do not encourage them. It might be a simple thing, but it shows an unhealthy mind.

Monday, November 24, 2014

UK: London Day 2 Part 2

Continue from the previous post. The weather was actually beautiful for us to walk around. It drizzled like every now and then, but it wasn't too heavy.

Taddaaa .... still in front of Buckingham Palace

This is St. James's Park, not the homeground football stadium for Newcastle. That's St. James' Park. There are ducks, swans, squirrels in the park, and as you walk along, there are lakes around too. It's such a nice recreation park, you can chill out under the nice weather with your friends, picnic and stuff like that.

We headed over to Trafalgar Square. It's guarded by 4 lions surrounding Nelson Column. Oh double decker is behind me. Haha.

There comes Marriott Hotel. I remembered that I was on foot, right in front here, raining, at 2AM 8 years ago! OMG and I can still remember.

St. Paul's Cathedral. As what you have guessed, this is an Anglican cathedral. It's one of the most famous, most recognizable sights in London and it sits at its highest point on top of Ludgate Hill. They have hourly prayers and daily services. As this is a church, they receive many tourists there, not so much for prayers, but just for a visit. They charge 16.50£ admission fee on site and 15£ when purchased online.

Then finally, there's this cafe nearby and we had mocha. It was so chilly, so windy, and it's great to be having hot mocha.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dance Performance Halloween Party @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

This year, again,I celebrated Halloween in the studio. This year has been more happening. At least, it wasn't entirely in the studio. Last year, we had the walk around too but it's just walks and nothing else. Plus, there wasn't any Halloween song we practised to.

This year was amazing. We had a new group, and there's no emo emo stuff going on and best of all, we danced to Michael Jackson's thriller.

That guy looks scary and he sounded creepy too, all because he was drunk. Haha.

Our whole group is here. Well, some of the kids just dressed up that day and joined the photo session. We do not know who are they, just passer bys.

Of course, back at the studio. Yes, I love this picture a lot.

Here, is our studio. We had all together 5 performances. 2 of them were flash mobs, and 3 were actual performances. It was such a fun-filled event and I loved it so much.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dance Performance Halloween Party @ Publika

It was last week, a week before the actual Halloween's Day. Publika was having this event and there were costume Halloween party there too. It's more of a contest.

Yeah, so that's why we have been busy for the past month practicing to Thriller. It's no other than Michael Jackson's famous Thriller dance.

That's the whole gang. All of us on stage. It was a small stage but yeah we all fit in.

Haha. We are the zombies.

It's just us. We did like 5 flash mobs after the actual performance.


Performance never felt so good before. This is something very new and exciting and I love it.

Managed to record the last flash mob. The person that supposed to record it arrived late. Therefore, no, I don't have the video for the actual performance, unfortunately. Look at the bright side, fortunately, there's a video for the last one. Haha.