Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dance Performance Halloween Party @ Publika

It was last week, a week before the actual Halloween's Day. Publika was having this event and there were costume Halloween party there too. It's more of a contest.

Yeah, so that's why we have been busy for the past month practicing to Thriller. It's no other than Michael Jackson's famous Thriller dance.

That's the whole gang. All of us on stage. It was a small stage but yeah we all fit in.

Haha. We are the zombies.

It's just us. We did like 5 flash mobs after the actual performance.


Performance never felt so good before. This is something very new and exciting and I love it.

Managed to record the last flash mob. The person that supposed to record it arrived late. Therefore, no, I don't have the video for the actual performance, unfortunately. Look at the bright side, fortunately, there's a video for the last one. Haha.

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