Sunday, November 30, 2014

Too Supportive

There are so many types of friends that exist. But, one type of friend caught my attention. That is, the friend that support you through everything. Sounds like that friend you wanna have, that ideal friend. But, maybe, that isn't the best of friend.

Of course, in comparison to a friend that goes missing and comes whenever h/she likes based on his or her own comfort, this is better. How good it is based on your own judgement.

There's a this type of friend that goes all gung-ho no matter what you do. They support you through your darkest moment to your brightest moment. No doubt, this is a really good type of friend. Except, you will not know if what you are doing seems logic and right. Even if you do something wrong, something against one's conscious, h/she will stand by your side.

If your friend tells you that she is constantly checking the bf's phone, stalking his FB, questioning why did the bf add a girl on FB who is a colleague, doing things that I'll label as the mad woman category, as a friend, what will you do? Do you support whatever your friend is doing? Obviously not, right? But, this category of friend will support you, and you end up thinking that what you do is right, and that he should not be adding the girl on FB and you will continue being crazy and mental. It's damaging and unhealthy in particular, long term.

One should not support your friend doing things as such. Otherwise, we end up having a damaged community. It's not like the community we have now is any healthy. But, things will deteriorate and can only get worse. So, please. Don't get mental together with your friend, instead, help them. Those who check on their bf/gf's phone, need help, badly. Do not encourage them. It might be a simple thing, but it shows an unhealthy mind.

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