Sunday, November 30, 2014

UK: London Day 2 Part 3 & Day 3

We continued our journey, this was our last stop before headed back to Morden. The Millenium Pier. It's where the river cruise is.

That's where we were going.

Ohh the clouds! Very nice windy afternoon. Tho it was a bit hot, the wind helped. Enjoyed the sights the cruise took us through.

Then, it's dinner time of course! Each time, we are fed with super delicious food! What more can one ask.

The next day, met with Tomoko!  Never have thought, right? But yeah, the time was just right. She left KL, and then, here we are! What a nice view with a glass of beer.

Let's reunite again. I'm sure there will be another time.

Lion King! It was awesome. The whole production was spectacular. After this day, it will be start of our Europe trip.

Date: May 12th & 13th
Things/Places: River cruise, London Eye, Leicester Square

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