Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Europe: Paris Day 1 Part 1

There are a few ways to come to Paris from London. Since that this is an Euro tour, we got around by coach. I was here twice before this, 2005 and 2006.

We arrived to the "City of Love" or some call it the "City of Lights" through the English Channel after a few hours drive away. Though this is France, and contrary to comments and feedbacks by numerous people who had traveled here, I have never really had any issue with the language for all 3 times. Nobody had said they don't speak English here. Maybe, I was just lucky and fortunate. Or maybe, it's just rumors. haha. With the super limited French ability, it's equivalent to zero. I can say please, thank you, you're welcome, greetings, room, breakfast and all those super basic stuff only. That isn't speaking or understanding at all.

After checking into the hotel, we headed out for a bus tour before dinner. These are the list of interesting sights.

Who don't know this? It's Musée du Louvre. Here, they receive millions of tourists every year. What's in there? It's a museum. It's not that people become all artistic or all of them are any art lovers. But, the fact that the famous Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is displayed here. People visit the museum mostly for that. Of course, there are other interesting paintings and sculptures too. There are so many influences here, the French, Nazi's, Napoleons and etc. If you come in the night, it's even nicer as they the lights will be lit up.

This is called Luxor Obelisk or Cleopatra Needle standing at 23m high is located at the center of Place de la Concorde. FYI, the Parisian or rather the French, pronounce Place like the sound "plus" in English. This is a gift to France by Egypt during those times. After the bloodshed and the war during the French Revolution, as a symbol of peace. The former statue was where guillotine took place.

This is the roundabout at Arc de Triomphe. As the traffic at this particular area is extremely crazy and chaotic, and the accidents rate is SO high, there's even no insurance coverage in the event accidents occur here. This isn't like other roundabouts, it's the olden days. Once you enter here, insurance coverage is voided. Accidents happen here like once every 11 minutes. That's pretty damn high!

This is Palais Bourbon. This is a Roman Catholic Church, designed as a form of glory by the Napoleons. Masses and other religious activities are being held here.

Place du Tertre. This is where many artistic stuff was here. Even Picasso was living there before!

Then, we had our first meal. I didn't quite enjoy it, but yeah it's fine.

After dinner, there was a tour to the Metro subway. David showed us how to use it. It'd actually pretty straight forward. It just requires a lot of walking. Yeah the famous Moulin Rouge!! Weeeeeee~

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