Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Europe: Paris Day 2 Part 2

After Arc de Triomphe, it was already late afternoon.  We headed to our last stop - our lady of Paris or Notre Dame de Paris.
With the look of it, you can tell that this is a Cathedral and to be precise, it's a Catholic one. The architecture is so fine. There's an organ and 10 bells in this cathedral. In 2013, someone shot himself there. During the night, it's really amazing. If anyone has the chance, please do that when the lights are up. 

This is the picture we see so often, when Jesus Christ was crucified. It's the most cruel way of execution in the ancient days.

Candles. Prayers. Make a wish, pray. I think you have to donate 0.50 EUR? Not exactly sure, but yes, for the usage of the cathedral.

Be quiet. Stay silent.

The service they were having. I was there on Christmas 2004. Omg, the amount of people there was incredible. I really like going there. I don't know why. I really really like this place.

It's time for dinner. We headed to the opposite side, Rue Lagrange, to hunt for dinner. It's a really nice place, streets of restaurants, brasseries, souvenir shops and etc. In Paris, if you sit inside a restaurant/cafe, the charges are cheaper compared to when you sit outside facing the road/street. People there love to do what I have always been doing, people-watching. Oh this is so me. haha.

Date: May 15th
Place: Notre Dame, Rue Lagrange

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