Sunday, January 25, 2015

Europe: Rhein Valley Day 1 Part 1

Next, to Rhein Valley in Germany. It's not a main stream place, but it's definitely a very interesting and beautiful place to visit.

This river flows from the Swiss Alps and ends in the Netherlands. This is the second longest river in Central and Western Europe.

While we were on the way, in the bus

Part of the valley. A sneak preview.

We have heard of the cuckoo clock, where it strikes the hours like a common cuckoo call and often, has a mechanical cuckoo that emerges with each note. There are various types and this is where you need to buy if you are here in Germany as that's where it was originated.

Catholic parish church. HL Goar. It had passed from A Catholic church to a Protestant.

A very small area

Dude! Took shots while waiting for the cruise to arrive.

Our river cruise along Rhein Valley ^^

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